2015 Tribeca Film Festival: Home Improvement Shorts

A largely overlooked aspect of film festivals include short films. Ignoring them and just how ubiquitous they are in entertainment can cause people to miss out some gems that should actually be highly recognized and exposed. There’s a certain kind of respect that comes with making a short film instead of a feature length one, that the writer and director can squeeze a whole story into a short amount of time, without the comfort of having an hour or more to detail a story or sequence of events. And that’s why the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival has made the Home Improvement shorts program, with the following films.

Body Team 12: Written and directed by David Darg and produced by Olivia Wilde.

Especially with the Ebola outbreak, Body Team 12 shows a group of people who are tasked with collecting those who have died from the viral outbreak in the village and street.

The House is Innocent: Directed by Nicholas Coles and starring Tom Williams and Barbara Holmes

Tom and Barbara have decided to buy a house in Sacramento, California. Except there’s something weird about the house: it was once the home of a notorious serial killer.

Interview With a Free Man: Written and directed by Nicholas Levesque.

A number of men are being interviewed for job position, but their answers to these demanding questions gives them new insight to their existence, with the job the least of their worries.

The Gnomist: Written, directed, and produced by Sharon Liese

What if fairies existed? Such is the question that is asked in The Gnomist, which follows people writing letters to fairies who hide in the Firefly Forest of Overland Park, KS.

The Trials of Constance Baker Motley: Written, directed and produced by Rick Rodgers; starring Constance Baker Motley, James Meredith, Charlayne Hunter-Gault, and Harvey Gantt.

Constance Baker Motley was the first black woman voted to the New York State Senate and also as Manhattan Borough President. This follows her life while working with Thurgood Marshall and even with President Lyndon B. Johnson.

The Lights: Written and directed by Manuel Abramovich and Juan Renau; starring Jorge Gervasi and Jorge Gervasi Jr.

This short film shows Jorge and Jorge Jr. decorating their house for Christmas, which has come to be called the “House of Lights” according to the neighbors of the village.

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