2015 Tribeca Film Festival: Family Dynamics Shorts

In order to recognize some short films worth watching, the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival held the “Family Dynamics” shorts program, featuring seven shorts that should be on your radar. They are as follows:

The Parker Tribe: Directed by Jane Baker; written by Jane Baker and Roberta Munroe; composed by Jeff Richmond; staring Paula Pell, David Koechner, Colin Hinckley, and Cassandra Beske Dunn.

In Jane Baker’s directorial debut, The Parker Tribe follows Mary “Jo” Parker, a 13 year old tomboy living in Philadelphia in the 1970s. Her Irish and Roman Catholic family becomes a problem after she believes she might be falling for another girl.

Merry Xmas: Directed by Boman Modine; written by Matthew Modine, starring Dick Van Dyke, Joe D’Angerio, and Valerie Harper.

This comedy short portrays a father telling his busy kids that he and his wife are divorcing after 55 years of marriage, causing the kids to fly home to stop them.

Sexlife: Directed by Stefan Georgiou; written by Kefi Chadwick; starring Jemima Rooper and Dylan Edwards.

The short shows Dan and Mia, a couple who hasn’t had sex in a while. And I mean a while as in before their son was born. Taking that into consideration, Dan decides to dress up as Dr. Frank-N-Furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show in order to rejuvenate their sex life.

A Boy’s Life: Written and directed by Howard McCain, and starring Jack Ventimilia and Wayne Thomas Yorke.

In a story shown only through visuals, the short combines Lord of the Flies with City of God to portray what power kids and youths have in times of chaos and trouble.

The Arrest: Written and directed by Yair Agmon; starring Ashraf Barhoum, Carlos Gharzuzi, Basel Zoabi, and Imad Mari.

A short film about the Middle and the conflict that different people face while living in a war front. It’s a hypothetical and alternate reality in which the Palestinian army occupies the land, which gives Agmon and others the chance to express what they experienced while in the army.

Birthday: Written, directed, produced and edited by Chris King and starring Mandy Moody and Chris Gouchoe.

The film depicts a young military wife after finding out that her husband has been critically wounded in fighting, and the impending events will determine just how she handles the news.

Personal Development: Directed by Tom Sullivan; written by Muirinn Lane Kelly; produced by Alan Keane; starring David Murray, Kathleen Breathnach, and Dylan Tighe.

Due to his recent divorce, Fintan has trouble coping with the aftermath and dealing with seeing his ex-wife Ciara and his two estranged daughters.

Watch our interviews with several people from the shorts program, including Alan Keane, Jane Baker, Paula Pell, and Howard McCain.

Jane Baker (The Parker Tribe):

Paula Pell (The Parker Tribe):

Alan Keane (Personal Development):

Howard McCain (A Boy’s Life):

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