2015 Soho International Film Festival

The Soho International Film Festival, now in its sixth year of existence, took place from May 14 to 21 at Village East Cinemas in New York. With over fifty submissions, the festival was a perfect venue for filmmakers to make their art known and get word out about their excellence in storytelling. With a large array of films expressing things from change to being hungry, the festival sure did a great job this year picking out what submissions were to be shown to the audiences. The following shorts and films were shown and be sure to check out the next post to see the award winners of the festival.

Lonely Planet by Alex Burunova

The Last Ones by Amy Heidt

Leaves of the Tree by Ante Novakovic

The Protokon by Anthony de Lioncourt

Chupacabra by Annette Mia Flores and Jenny Joslin

Neonlichter by Barbara Mueller

Teenkahon by Bauddhayan Mukherji

The Room Rental Scenario 47 by Bettina Bilger

Lucky Number by Brendan Gabriel Murphy

The World of Albert Fuh by Cady McClain

Mount Lawrence by Chandler Wild

Grace by Chris Ordal

The Red Card by Dana Brawer

Kill Me Deadly by Darret Sanders

Cat’s Cradle by David Spaltro

The Man From the City by Elias Plagianos

Bandito by Evan Kelman

Leaving Circadian by Evan Matthew Weinstein

Claudette by Gabrielle Miller

Write With Me by Hannah Leshaw

Let Me Help You by Ivette Diaz Dumeng

Trichster by Jillian Corsie

Chasing Yesterday by Joe Pernice

She Lights Up Well by Joyce Wu

The Networker by John Gallagher

Stuck by John Painz

Scream Box by Katie Blair

All Stars by Lance Kinsey

Lonely Souls by Laura Little

Nando by Marco Gozzo

No Questions Asked by Mark Ezovski

All In Time by Marina Donohue and Chris Fetchko

Beast of Burden by Mateo Salcedo

Suddenly by Merav Elbaz Belschner

Becoming Bulletproof by Michael Barnett

Sam by Nicholas Brooks

Policy of Truth by Nick Demos

Mother’s Day by Nico Raineau

Dementia by Percival M. Intalan

Muted by Rachel Goldberg

Highway to Dhampus by Rick McFarland

Hangry by Sophie O’Connor

The Fisherman by Stefano Pennisi

Busted by Steven Hirst

Salbusa by Sukhee Kang

With Child by Titus Heckle

Kauboji (Cowboys) by Tomislv Mrsic

These Things We Hold by Tony Glazer

Ninny by TJ Collins

Les Homosappienes by Tony Borden

Ube by Valerie Martinez

Mara by Yi Zhong

Love & A Lug Wrench by Jeffrey Fleisig


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