15 Movies to Watch For Valentine’s Day

If you’ve been following this list over the years, you might’ve picked up on the fact that romance is one of this writers all time favorite genres and including, to an extent, romantic comedies. A genre that is unfairly picked on as being “lesser,”  romantic comedies often don’t receive a critical response they deserve, and, even more worrisome, it’s a genre that the power players in Hollywood have begun to believe they can phone in, increasingly turning in sub-par material.

Before Valentine’s Day, here are 15 movies worth watching that span from traditional romantic comedies to romantic tragedies to anything that falls in between. Let us know in the comments which film is your go-to watch for the Hallmark Holiday.

What’s Your Number?

I am of the opinion (perhaps the minority opinion) that What’s Your Number? starring the Anna Faris and Chris Evans is a great romantic comedy. It thrives a bit on its innate silliness and the suspension of disbelief regarding the plot, but the characters are refreshingly frank and upfront about their shortcomings. On top of that, Evans and Faris share a delectable chemistry that oozes off the screen from the moment their eyes lock across the hallway of their apartment complex, and the utilization of the Boston setting adds another layer of authenticity as we can feel the humidity rising from the streets and hear the noise that comes in through the apartment windows. It may not be a film that relies on intelligent jokes, but it’s a film that understands how to make its audience fall in love with its characters, and sometimes, in a romantic comedy, that’s all that’s needed.

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