14 Found Footage Films That Are Actually Good


I’ll finally admit something that I’ve been keeping to myself for a while: I love found footage films. I wouldn’t even call them a guilty pleasure; they’re just a damn pleasure to me. Like many, my introduction to the genre was Paranormal Activity. While I was watching this incredibly shaky film in a dark room with a family who was entirely too antsy, I realized that this wasn’t that bad. My interest piqued, I looked up The Blair Witch Project, and from there my journey began. I know there has been a lot of hate for found footage films, and a lot of that hate is justified.  The Gallows was a huge flop when it was released (and with good reason) and a lot of people are weary about M. Night Shyamalan’s The Visit—his first shot at the genre. However, despite popular opinion, there are actually decent found footage films out there.

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