10 More of the Best Movie Trailer Mashups

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After listing eight great mashups a few weeks ago, my fellow TYF staff member Tyler Christian and I are back again with more of our very favorite genre-bending movie and television show mashups! We’ll start off Tyler’s picks with an epic crossover.

Worlds Collide: Avengers vs. Justice League

Although this “vs.” movie would never happen in real life (hence why it was uploaded on April Fools’ Day), at least it can be fantasized about for one minute. Surely this is a movie that many people, including myself, would buy tickets to in a heartbeat. However, one could only imagine the social media firestorm it would ignite between Marvel and DC fans. All I know is that if this were ever real, I’d never read another IMDB message board for as long as I live. Hey, at least we can all be friends on how extraordinary that Hulk vs. Wonder Woman fight would be.

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