TYF Column: What We’ve Been Playing May ’16


Happy Summer, fellow gamers!

Where decades before we gamers had very little to work with and were forced to kind of actually go outside, there’s just a nonstop floodgate of games in 2016, and in our new binge culture its never been more acceptable to stay inside the house during the most beautiful weeks of the year (well… now that I’ve made everyone feel guilty, expect a bunch of portable games in June’s post.)

While we’ve escaped seasonal rainstorms and pollen onslaughts this spring, we gamers were treated to new titles like Doom by Bethesda and ID Software, and Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 4 less than a week apart from each other. We have two official reviews of those games linked here, but click ahead to see some second opinions from us other writers on those, as well as some retro and modern classics. – Evan G.

To read what we played in April, click here.

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