TYF Column: What We’ve Been Playing


Gamers unite! The “What We’ve Been Playing” column is back and one of our newer features for TYF that will go out monthly, with various TYF writers talking about what game they’re currently playing. This could include old games, new games or, in my case, board games…maybe not that one. Ideally this will give you all ideas of what to play next or, greater still, a place to chat about what you’re playing now.

My non-gamer contribution? I played some Super Smash Bros on Wii U and had my ass handed to by a seven year old. Please someone, tell me what on earth is the point of the Yoga Instructor? How is doing push-ups going to help you ward off Meta Knight?

Check out the staffs picks below, I promise they are all much more knowledgeable than I am. Make sure to let us know what game you are currently addicted to in the comments below!

To read previous installment, go here.

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