Top 5 Most Anticipated Xbox Games From X16

There’s no feeling like getting your hands on a new video game and testing it out for the first time. It’s the gamer life! First impressions count and those early moments can create the spark toward blowing a budget (or, in this case, rent) on a slew of new video game releases. That’s the feeling taken away at this year’s X16 Media Showcase.

X16CA Xbox Canada Toronto Thursday August 25 2016 (cropped)Located in Toronto’s iconic Distillery District, Xbox Canada pulled together the #X16CA to give media and gaming lovers alike the chance to see and test out a lineup of upcoming new games. From AAA titles to indies to new gaming accessories, there was plenty to experience.

Here are five of our Xbox and Windows 10 PC takeaways from X16 (in no particular order)…

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