Top 25 ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ Games


Oh boy. You know what today is? It’s the 25th birthday of everyone’s favorite cash-cow mascot character turned self-aware meme, Sonic the Hedgehog. Do you know what that means, kiddo? If you guessed a Top 25 Best Sonic Games List, you’d be correct. (Although considering this is Sonic, I wouldn’t blame you if your mind went to somewhere dirtier and more towards the bum region of the body.)

Anyway, this list is going to be a real treat considering that most Sonic games are utter trash. Like flaming piles of hot trash. Even if you are the biggest Sonic fan on the planet, and as long as you are not a delusional man-child who still thinks it’s the 90’s and Gushers are a fruit, you have to agree with the fact that there are a lot of stinkers in the blue blur’s library. So don’t get your Chaos Emerald Underpants in a twist if you see anything here that is an actual bad game.

Also, a bit of preemptive guide lines, or rules I decided upon when making the list for variety’s sake are as follows:


  1. Sonic or Sonic Character’s names must be in the title so people know what they are getting into.
  2. Compilations are excluded unless they add substantial value outside of direct ports of old games.
  3. Games that are too similar to each other are excluded. I.E Sequels that didn’t change much.
  4. Games must be original, no remakes with Sonic branding. Sorry Mean Bean Machine.
  5. No fan games.


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Matthew Rodricks is a contributor for The Young Folks.