Top 10 Perfect Character Fighting Matches


We have seen plenty of fighting games over the years, from games that involve all-original characters with their own storylines behind the scenes, like Street Fighter, Tekken, and Soul Calibur, to the games where characters from multiple franchises just duke it out, like Super Smash Bros, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, and J-Stars Victory Versus Plus. Now, we have seen legendary battles between these characters, we have held tournaments of these fights, YouTube channels like Screwattack’s Death Battle has made some fights worth watching. However, there are some fights we have not seen yet. Fights that would be amazing to watch, fights we have thought of before, but never thought we could see. Well, now we have at least a glimpse into what those fights could be like.

I have chosen 20 characters, making it ten fights. Each character is analyzed, why these two will fight, and then I will give a prediction as to who will win. (NOTE: Before you all start throwing stuff at your screens, hitting dislike buttons, or writing negative, hurtful things on the comments section, my predictions are strictly my OPINION, that I will attempt to back up with facts, you do not need to agree with it!)

There are three rules I have in choosing my fighters, in case you wonder why I chose whom I did:

  1. The characters must, at any given time, have been in a video game.
  2. The characters cannot have been on the same fighting game or series, otherwise you would just go play that game.
  3. The characters cannot have already fought each other, either canonically, or on a web series like Death Battle. 

So without further delay, there are 20 characters we would like to see fight in a fighting game, and click next to see our combatants.

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