The 2015 edition of the pop culture Dope List


2015 is just days from saying “peace out,” and we all know what that means: year-end lists. Instead of simply listing the best or worst movies, TV shows, music and games, the DOPE list 2015 scours every pop culture nook and cranny for moments that fall under the DOPE bracket. Before we begin the rundown, let’s take a moment and explain how the DOPE list operates.

In many cases, people use dope to describe something extremely positive, and that’s cool, however, for the purpose of this list, dope refers to a subject of noteworthiness. Now, in this case, noteworthy shall encompass amazing or terrible, as long as the subject resonates on a profound level. Let’s break it down: The Miss Universe pageant: not so dope. Watching Steve Harvey’s swagger game drop to Poindexter levels as he walk of shamed his way across the stage to announce he crowned the wrong winner: that’s a suitable moment for DOPE list contention.

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