PlayStation 4.00 Update Coming

Developing software is hard. An experience is made with a fluid User Interface at the time of launch and whether it be crashes, trendy features or the whole industry changing from beveled to flat pastel graphic design, its in the nature of a software to be updated. The updates made the the PlayStation 4’s home screen and media bar however, seem to be the only ones out there that doesn’t get outraged backlash from people who hate change in their web based content.


Sony likes to be upfront about these changes as well, so even as their new update to the PS4 home screen and menu system enters beta testing tomorrow (August 16th), they decided to share what the new features will be before photos get leaked online and inciting confusion.

The official PlayStation blog details that the biggest addition is something that fans have clamored for, Folders. Players will now be able to organize their purchased games and favorite applications into folders of their choosing to remove all kinds of clutter from their games library.

Additionally, using the quick menu or share menu launch while in gameplay won’t 100% suspend the game’s activity on the console with the update, as those menus will only cover a portion of the layer it takes atop your gameplay, this way you can keep an eye on whose attacking you while you’re AFK, and get the stream started up on Twitch faster than ever.

Also, the crew thought it’d be a clever joke to update social media uploading, namely to allow 140 seconds of gameplay to be directly uploaded to Twitter. Harty-Har.


Are you a player that loves gaming so much that you spend time reflecting on all your trophies? Do you not have internet connection all the time? It seems like the crew is even listening to you, because they’ve also decided to allow remote viewing of trophies on the console without internet connection. If you DO have internet, however, they’re also bringing a trophy comparison graphic right to the home page of your PlayStation Network profiles.

Feel free to compare all of this to the last update (3.55) made to the PS4 in June of this year. I’m sure you hardly noticed any difference.

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