Music News: Treasure Island Music Festival ’16 is Almost Here

We are now approaching the tail end of the summer music festival season. But if you’re from the San Francisco Bay Area, there’s one more festival that is a must to attend, which is none other than Treasure Island Music Festival.

For those of you who are Bay Area natives and haven’t been to the festival yet (such as myself) or are new to the area, I’ll lay down some facts as to why this festival is so popular and continues to draw in large crowds. The Treasure Island Music Festival started in 2007 when Noise Pop and Another Planet Entertainment teamed up. Since then, the festival continues to draw all types of music lovers to the island every year. No other festival has brought in a diverse group of musicians and bands so there’s a little something for everyone.

Compared to other festivals where you have to pick and choose who you want to see due to overlapping set times, the Treasure Island Music Festival makes sure that that problem doesn’t occur. There’s no overlap, two stages and enough time to see all the bands in the lineup.

The festival spans over the course of two days and if you’re dying to check it out then you’re in luck because there’s still time to buy your tickets. The festival doesn’t a great job at introducing new talent while bringing in headliners as well. The festival is sure to to make your weekend fun, memorable and of course- musically filled. You can get tickets here and don’t forget to check out the full lineup below.


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