LISTEN: New Singles from John Mayer & Sara Bareilles

john-mayer-paper-doll-album-cover-largeJohn Mayer has just released a new single, “Paper Doll,”and we can finally say that John Mayer is back! None of that “Born and Raised” country feels that he released back in the spring of 2012. “Born and Raised” was also his “comeback” album because he was on hiatus for about 3 years.

I am huge John Mayer fan, and I don’t particularly like paying attention to his personal life. When I do, I look at who he is dating and wonder “why isn’t he dating me?” Yeah I know–he’s 35 years old–but as Aaliyah says, age is but a number. Regardless, I knew he dated Taylor Swift, who hasn’t? (Sorry T-Swift lovers… She dates a lot of guys.) The tabloids say that his new song is all about Taylor Swift. They even did an analysis of the lyrics which I found to be hysterical considering how ridiculous the assumptions were, but then again I am not a Taylor Swift fan so I really would not know the magnitude of him mentioning “Fold a scarf, Moroccan Red” and relating it to her latest album cover’s shade or scarfs being a symbol of her fans loyalty. To me, I care about the music and I don’t really pay attention towards what the song is about. I feel that once you know who it is about you cannot use your imagination to create this girl that he is describing in his song, and it makes the song less enjoyable.


Thankfully, “Paper Doll” is not all we will be hearing from Mayer. It was just a prelude to his new album coming out on August 13th; John Mayer will be releasing a new album, “Paradise Valley,” which I am so excited for. He announced this on Facebook on June 18th, 2013 as well as revealing the artwork. I was assuming he was going to release something soon because on his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, he kept posting photos of him being back in the studio so I was expecting something, but I did not expect it to be so quick. Mayer is also going on tour this summer. I am really happy that John Mayer is back, regardless of his love life. I think John has good intentions, and he does not mean to mess up, at least that is what he said in his interview with CBS Sunday Morning.


The summer is looking fantastic in the music world. Sarah Bareilles is also coming out with a new album in July called, “The Blessed Unrest”. I predict that this album is definitely going to be inspired by her journeys and adventures in New York City because she now lives there. The first song released off the album is called “Manhattan.”

She also released a single, “Brave” which is inspirational and fun.

Sara has not come out with anything since 2010 and we take it because she has been busy with her tour as well as her job on the “Sing Off.” Regardless, this is going to be one great summer for music, and I am so excited!

Are you excited for all of the music being released this summer? What other albums are you excited for? And what do you think about this whole “Mayer vs. Swift” nonsense about the song being about her?

Let me know in the comments down below!

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