Interview: Abi Talks About Upcoming Tour with Pentatonix


The music industry is a cut throat business where new talent constantly have to go against the odds and rise above. But Abi, a rising country pop singer, knows a thing or two and has proven time and time again that she has the grit and the talent to withstand any obstacle that comes her way. This young Texan started touring at the early age of 18 and since then has opened up for artists such as Kelly Clarkson and Sam Hunt. Her edgy and fun personality has quickly won over fans and brings a unique sound to the music airwaves. We got the opportunity to talk with Abi as she prepares for her fall tour with Pentatonix and Us the Duo. She told us about how her start in the music industry, what life on the road is like and more.  

TYF: What made you want to get into music ?

Abi: I was heavily involved in musical theatre as a child and making my own music happened sort of naturally! I loved to write poetry and singing quickly became a passion of mine as well so I began to put the two together; music defines me in that sense.

TYF: What are some of the country singers that have inspired you?

Abi: Country in particular, the first few to pop into my head are those I grew up listening to; Shania Twain, Keith Urban and The Dixie Chicks. Musically and lyrically they have all absolutely influenced what I create now.

TYF: What was it like opening up for artists such as Sam Hunt in the 30th Annual Country Fest?

Abi: Country and music festivals in general are one of my favorite things to do, especially when it comes to performing in them and not just simply attending! It’s always a great learning opportunity to have artists like Sam on the bill because you can constantly grow as an artist from seeing their onstage performance, plus you get to socialize and chill with everyone once your set is over.

TYF: What have been some of your fondest memories of life on the road?

Abi: You make some serious life-long friendships living and working in each other’s faces almost 24 hours a day! So a lot of my favorite memories consist of bus movie nights and donut trips with my band in addition to meeting all of the supporters, and growing close with the other acts and crew. Basically getting to do what I love and perform every other night is a dream come true constantly, my happy place.

TYF: We noticed that you go to school as well. What’s it like balancing your music career with a full course load? Can you walk us through what a typical week is like for you.

Abi: This semester I actually chose to take off because it can absolutely be overwhelming and you have to be honest with yourself and realize how much you can actually handle. I love education just as much as music, so I chose to take courses in the summer and write music in the studio instead of perform as much, in order to stay on track!

TYF: You have toured with the likes of Kelly Clarkson and pretty soon, Pentatonix. If you could tour with anyone in the music industry, (who you haven’t toured with yet) who would it be and why.

Abi: Hmmm, I think that it would be so fun to tour with a male country artist! Keith Urban would be a dream, I’ve adored him ever since I was younger and the contrast of a girl act is always a fun twist on the road for that kind of audience.

TYF: What are you looking forward to the most during your tour alongside Us the Duo and Pentatonix?

Abi: I’ve toured previously with Pentatonix on the Kelly Clarkson tour so I’m extremely excited; it’s like a reunion tour! I love their team and it’s an all-around positive environment. Also, I have followed Us The Duo since their Vine days and I am definitely a fan of their music and overall sound! I’m looking forward to meeting new faces while also seeing familiar ones.

TYF: What can fans expect to hear from your new music that will release in 2017?

Abi: After the Kelly Clarkson tour, I took a lot time to artistically and personally reflect so the music has matured and become more serious since then. All the material that I compose confronts feelings, emotions and experiences that I’ve undergone and are incredibly genuine; I think people will be able to tell that we’ve put some serious work into the new stuff! I can’t wait.

You can listen to Abi’s latest song, “Truck Candy” below:


Abi will be on tour with Pentatonix and Us the Duo this fall. Check below for a full list of upcoming tour dates and see if she’ll be visiting a city near you: 


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