Podcast Update! DC Debrief Episode Eight “HEROES JOIN FORCES”


Welcome to another update to the TYF DC Debrief, where we discuss the happenings in Star City, Central City and National City and catch up with our heroes week to week on CW’s The Flash and Arrow, and CBS’ Supergirl! 

This week was the big fall crossover event between The Flash and Arrow in “Heroes Join Forces,” bringing our favorite hero casts together to protect newcomers Hawkgirl and Hawkman from the ancient immortal hunter, Vandal Savage, who will be the primary series villain for DC’s new series Legends of Tomorrow, premiering in late January.

In this episode, we discuss the character moments, the action scenes and the plot through-lines for both Oliver Queen and Barry Allen’s adventures. Additionally, Supergirl keeps getting better and better, and this time around we get to see Red Tornado in live action for the first time.

As a bonus, Ally and I have a couple of excited rage moments in talking about the Batman v Superman: Dong of Justin trailer, because we’re not especially fond of Zack Snyder, or Man of Steel.

Ally’s review of Supergirl 1×06 “Red Faced”

Ally’s review of The Flash 2×08 “Heroes of Today”

Evan’s review of Arrow 4×08 “Heroes of Yesterday”

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