E3 2013 Microsoft: Battlefield 4, Dead Rising 3 and New Games!

E3LogoThis is the second part of our list of new games that Microsoft has to offer with the release of the Xbox One. You can view the first part featuring Metal Gear, Halo, Forza 5 and others here, as well as a featured page on Ryse: Son of Rome. You can also see the specifics of the new Xbox 360 edition, and the new Xbox Live Experience and Xbox One price details here.


Battlefield 4

Running on the new Frostbite 3 engine, and at 60 frames per second, DICE showed off how the next installment of Battlefield will look on next generation, first to appear on Xbox One.


Dead Rising 3

Dead Rising is a fan favorite franchise of Xbox owners, and now it’s been taken to a new level by dropping you off in the middle of a barren city with no way of escape except for what you can fine, which includes everything from cars to mow over zombies with, to weapons that can be combined, as seen in the walkthrough with a sledgehammer and a chainsaw. you can also call in aerial assaults using… guess what? SMARTGLASS.


Sunset Overdrive

Insomniac’s newest game brings an open world, free running, city environment and thrusts some monstrous apocalypse upon it, making for some very cool potential that might remind players of Mirror’s Edge combined with a Left 4 Dead style of gameplay.


Quantum Break

This game was briefly shown at previous game events, being sold as a game that will blur the line between your game experiences, and the ones you have watching television. Sam Lake from Remedy Entertainment came out on stage to show the first trailer of an in-game cutscene, and it looks like Quantum Break will be taking “Bullet Time” from the Matrix to a whole new level.


Crimson Dragon

Not much is known about Crimson Dragon quite yet, mostly because people will remember it as one of the several blunders in A/V malfunctions this year. Regardless, the trailer looks epic, and the music sets such a tone when you actually get to hear it.


Project Spark

Microsoft Studios’ Dave McCarthy took the stage to show off a game meant to be built as it’s played. Users can change geography, time, environment on large and small scales, and bring anything to life that they’d wish. In the demo, the made a pet rock. Literally, they made a pet rock. Not only that, but when changing the landscape proved to be not enough to fend off goblins, they turned that pet rock into a pet rock mech. Sounds pretty cool. It also uses SmartGlass and Kinect functionality. Project Spark will be available on Xbox One and Windows 8.


Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

Indie developer from Denmark, Press Play’s new exclusive Xbox title that will be an innovative 2 Dimensional platformer about a bot chasing through a mystical world after he makes the mistake of wishing he brother would disappear.



Respawn Entertainment, the original team behind Modern Warfare, took the stage at the end of Microsoft’s show on Monday afternoon to show off a new title that looks to be an exciting new science fiction war game, in which soldiers piloting one man mech suits take the center stage.

Stay tuned for more from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo…

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