Directors of Cinema: Episode 15- Francis Ford Coppola

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Greetings and welcome to yet another episode of Directors of Cinema. If you’re unfamiliar with our podcast, this is a show dedicated to the discussion of selected works of prominent filmmakers. Each week, host Matt Goudreau and guest talk about a particular director chosen by the co-host.

On this episode, Matt is joined by first time guest Lesley Coffin. Coffin, a dedicated film enthusiast, agreed to come aboard to discuss the career of one of the great American auteurs. His name? Francis Ford Coppola, a director with multiple masterpieces to his name. A graduate of the “Roger Corman school of filmmaking, Coppola has gone on to become one of the most important filmmakers of the American New Wave. Given that The Godfather Trilogy is arguably his most famous achievement, most of the discussion is centered around those films. As a result, this is a much longer episode than usual but the conversation (no pun intended) is as in depth as ever.

Some of the talking points discussed during the podcast include:
  • Does one need to see The Godfather to fully appreciate The Godfather Part II?
  • What does the ending of Apocalypse Now represent?
  • Is The Godfather Part III deserving of its rather negative reputation?
  • How effectively does Bram Stoker’s Dracula balance camp with extravagent horror?
  • Does Jack prove the theory that a great director cannot salvage a poor script?

As always, feel free to download the show for later enjoyment or listen to it directly on Shoutengine.

Directors of Cinema – Episode 15- Francis Ford Coppola

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