Podcast News: DC Debrief Episode Two

DC Debrief

DC fans, unite! You may have noticed over the past two weeks if you’ve been reading my coverage of The Flash or Evan’s coverage of Arrow, that the two of us have come together for a weekly podcast covering the two DC shows currently airing. When Supergirl premiers in little over a week, I will be adding that to my roster and we’ll be covering it in DC Debrief as well, ditto for Legends of Tomorrow which Evan will be reviewing.

We try to keep these bite sized and loose-certainly worthy of a listen or two. We’re on Itunes where you can subscribe and listen to us each week. This week we talked about episodes two of both series, “Flash of Two Worlds” and “The Candiate” where we covered an array of subjects, such as:

~Hurling Lightning

~Dad joke Oliver

~Patty Spivot and Mr. Terrific

And plenty more! Make sure to give us a listen and let us know what you think!

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