15 Games To Watch For In 2017

2016 is finally over and done with, and thank Arceus for that. However, 2016 was a good year for games; and if that’s any indication, 2017 is looking pretty bright on that front. I’ve gone through all games currently scheduled to be released this year and picked out 15 for you to put in your calendar and stay on the lookout for.

As with my previous lists, I set myself a few rules:

  • AAA titles can appear, but the entire list could not be made up of them.
  • Games featured here either have concrete release dates or have released enough screenshots or gameplay to suggest they have a good chance of actually releasing in 2017. Sorry, Red Dead Heads.
  • The games on this list have all been formally announced as of this point.
  • Games are presented in alphabetical order, as this is not some sort of ranking.

Now that we know the score, let’s take a look and see what 2017 has waiting for us in world of video games.

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