11 Games That Nintendo Needs To Line Up For Nintendo Switch


As we covered last week, Nintendo’s new home console was finally revealed: Nintendo Switch. Since the announcement, everyone has been buzzing about the implications of a machine capable of displaying on both our TVs and on the go with almost no effort to switch between the two. This was helped along by footage of presumed games to be seen on the Switch for fans to take apart. But if the Switch is going to be more successful than the Wii U, Nintendo is going to need a larger stock of games than have been announced or teased. What follows is a list of 11 games that Nintendo should either have in production or be working to bring to their upcoming console that could easily help to build the right kind of excitement for a hit launch.

Some rules that were applied to the creation of this list:

  • Yes, 11 games.
  • This is a combination of Nintendo-owned titles and third parties, because it will take both to build a good library of titles.
  • For this list, we’re avoiding the obvious stuff. Of course there will be a new Super Mario, Mario Kart, Zelda, Splatoon and Smash Bros., for example.

Now, here are the games that Nintendo Switch needs to succeed.

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