10 Pictures That Prove Selena Gomez Was Born to Be A Hair Model (As Told by Her Instagram)


Actress, singer, philanthropist, fashion designer, and now hair model? Is there anything Selena Gomez can’t do?

On Monday, Gomez revealed via social media that she is the newest Brand Ambassador for Pantene! The iconic hair care brand selected the starlet to be the face (and hair) of their new “Strong Is Beautiful” campaign that celebrates strong and healthy hair. This is the first beauty endorsement for the actress, who will reportedly bring in $3 million a year from the deal.

Some of you may be thinking $3 million is a lot of dough for a hair care endorsement, but for those of us who follow Gomez on Instagram, we know her hair is worth its weight in gold.

Here are ten pictures from Selena’s Insta that prove she was born to be a Pantene Ambassador.

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