The Five Unknown Books You Need to Be Reading Right Now

The Five Books You’re Missing Out on Right Now

It’s no surprise that a lot of people like to read what everyone else is. In a lot of cases, people lean toward the extremely popular novels that cover the shelves from one end to another. I’ve been that person, you’ve probably been that person, and in the near future, I will most likely continue to be that person. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but once in a while I’ll stumble upon books that don’t quite make the shelves top to bottom, but have a measly one bind in the array of colorful hardbacks; sometimes, they don’t even make it to the shelf. These novels aren’t always outstanding, but they aren’t always awful. In a rare moment when an unknown book makes its way into your collection, it’s super difficult to pick it up and read it. There isn’t much to reassure you that you aren’t wasting your time, and more often than not, there are typos everywhere. The moments of pure desperation of wanting to read something, but already having read everything, is not for the faint of heart. Usually, I say that the uncertainty is what makes reading a book so special, but sometimes the reassuring reviews give the sigh of relief. I’m here to tell you that this list is only dipping a small fraction of your feet into the water. There is a whole world of unknown books, and it’s calling your name. The name calling also tends to be in a desperate tone and surprisingly in the same voice as Achilles, the hero.

You can find all or most of these books on Amazon, through the author’s site, or through the ingenious app, As always, I try to keep these things as spoiler free as possible.

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The Five Books You’re Missing Out on Right Now
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