‘Paper Towns’ Re-Read: Part Two

Welcome back to our re-read of Paper Towns by John Green. We’re less than one week from release day in theaters and starting to get excited! Did you miss Part One of the re-read? Check it out here. And now on to Part Two…

Paper towns cover

Part Two of Paper Towns covers the search for the now missing Margo and takes us up to the kick-off of the road trip to Agloe, New York.

Some of the highlights from Part Two of Paper Towns:

  • It turns out that Margo has gone missing after her night of adventures with Quentin.
  • Q learns that Margo often leaves clues that hint at where she’s going and begins to search for clues that might lead him to her. He finds a picture on the back of the shade in her room, highlighted lines in a poem, and other things that suggest Margo wants to be found.
  • Ben finally gets his date to prom, Margo’s friend Lacey Pemberton.
  • Q finds the abandoned strip mall and begins searching subdivisions that were never finished, which he interprets as the “paper towns” Margo is referring to.
  • Parties, prom, and presents. Q has to go save Ben at a high school party when he has a little too much to drink, ditches prom to look for more cues about Margo, and is given his very own minivan.
  • After much searching (over 100 pages of it, to be exact), Q comes across Agloe, New York, searches it on Omnictionary, and finds out that Margo will be there for less than 24 more hours. He and his friends take off on their road trip from Orlando to Agloe, New York.

I’m excited to get to know the characters during this portion of the movie. So much of Paper Towns focuses on how you never really know someone. Hopefully the movie will give us as fans a better idea of who Quentin, Margo, Radar, Ben, Lacey, and Angela are.

Make sure you finish reading Paper Towns by next Friday, July 24th, because that’s when Paper Towns hits theaters, and you’ll want to be ready to see it ASAP!

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