Meet The Young Folks’ Bookish Villain Squad


Squads are the new rage, whether it’s a band of villains forced to fight together to take down even worse baddies or Taylor Swift’s model posse showing off some kung-fu moves.


Inspired by Marie Lu’s new series, The Young Elites, we thought that there are not enough bookish baddies out there. So let’s introduce you to a few badass ladies and their villain alter egos from The Young Folks staff.

Hannah Atkins A.K.A. The Irascible Introvert


Liable to stand in the corner during parties, eyeing up fellow revelers with a steely glare and making them tres uncomfortable with the power of her mood-killing vibes. Woe betide the individual who interrupts her reading time on public transport, ignoring her overpowering ‘don’t-talk-to-me’ super-aura. She’ll spend the rest of the journey stewing up (and acting out) juicy plots of revenge, perhaps inspired by her literary material on hand. The Irascible Introvert has the power to leave you speechless with her cutting comebacks, and reduces people to a quivering mess with one disdainful raise of an eyebrow. One can sense a palpable chill in her wake. Don’t cross her!

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Lauren Wengrovitz A.K.A. Frost Fatale

frost fatale

Setting plays an important part in so many young adult novels and an extremely important part of setting is the temperature and climate. As a villain, my power would be the ability to manipulate the climate, making it nice and frosty (think Elsa, but evil) and difficult for the heroine or hero to stay warm. When you’re so cold you can barely function, you’re no threat to me. Mwahahaha.

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Camille Espiritu A.K.A The Ravenous Reader

ravenous reader

The Ravenous Reader is not afraid to take down anyone that comes between her and her newest book. Hungry for the latest young adult books, the Ravenous Reader bookmarks every website and follows every author’s Twitter account for the up-to-date information. Her TBR list is as long as her appetite is big. Her book bags are always filled with the latest reads. She is cold, ruthless, and is always the first in line at the local book store before it opens. Long lines at book stores with noisy kids blocking her way in the narrow aisles will only upset her. She has the power to spoil any book, sequel, you name it- because she most likely already read it given her ability to speed read. If you see the Ravenous Reader, look down and go the other way.

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Since we are the kind of bookish baddies that like to share the love, enter to win a copy of The Rose Society, the highly anticipated sequel to The Young Elites. The Rose Society comes out October 13th and chronicles power-hungry Adelina’s rapid descent into paranoia and madness, as she pulls together her own society of gifted and ruthless malfettos, determined to overthrow those persecuting their kind.

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