Exclusive ‘Black Moon’ Cover Reveal: 13 Reasons To Love ‘Zodiac’ by Romina Russell

Today, The Young Folks is excited to reveal the official cover art for Black Moon – the next book in Romina Russell’s Zodiac series.

Without further adieu, gaze upon the beauty in high resolution…


Black Moon follows Zodiac and Wandering Star, the first two installments in the sci-fi space saga. Inspired by the astrological element of the Zodiac series, I wrote a fictional character post to celebrate my sign Aries a few months ago.

Along with the awesome cover reveal above, we are happy to host Romina Russell, who contributed the convincing listicle below as to why the Zodiac series will appeal to every astrological sign. Read on, learn more about the series and enter to win a paperback copy of Zodiac.

13 Reasons To Love Zodiac (One For Every Astrological Sign!)

By Romina Russell

Zodiac CVZODIAC is a sci-fi-meets-high-fantasy series set in a galaxy where each astrological sign is its own planetary system. The books follow the adventures of 17-year-old Rho Grace of House Cancer, who is trying to unite the divided Houses of the Zodiac Solar System before a 13th Guardian of legend returns to destroy them all.

Many aspects of the culture, governments, technologies, transportation systems, etc. of each world were inspired by studying the traditional traits of its astrological sign. While I was writing Zodiac, I kept a running list of all the things I wanted to incorporate into each galaxy. The list became my guidebook to building each of the worlds featured in the books. Here are some of my favorite details from every House!


A favorite form of entertainment on House Aries is holographic wrestling: Two Arieans step into a ring to fight, and their helmets project holographic avatars, transforming them into monstrous creatures of their own creation.


House Taurus has four-day weekends!!!


The childlike people of Gemini interact with their imaginations by visiting Imaginariums, places where the visions in their head become real.


Every Cancrian carries a Wave—a clam-shaped device that can be used to record, review, and send information; when the shell opens, holographic data like news, messages, and events blooms out and streams all around.


When they turn twelve, Leonines embark on a walkabout in which they rotate through their House’s Nine Prides—Courage, Honor, Leadership, Truth, Adventure, Artistry, Competition, Sensuality, and Power—until they find the home that best suits them.


Empress Moira rules House Virgo as a benevolent dictatorship, in which she has just two commands: Everyone must contribute in some capacity to growing grain, and no Virgo may interfere with the pursuit of happiness of any other.

Wandering Star_A ZODIAC Novel_Cover ImageLibra

Since planet Kythera’s surface weather is brutal, Librans live in hundreds of flying cities that float in the cloud tops like silver bubbles.


Scorps live in a dozen waterworlds within the ocean’s depths, half of which are shallow enough that they breach the surface, while the other half are so deep they never see sunlight.


The Capital of House Sagittarius boasts colorful and bizarrely shaped buildings with walls drowned in diagrams, drawings, and questions. Narrow pedestrian pathways wind in curving patterns through the jumble of mismatched structures on the ground, while rows of traffic ripple the sky, the vehicles imported from all over the Zodiac and spanning every time period.


Capricorns can store holographic re-creations of their memories in glass orbs called Snow Globes. These memories can only be viewed in special rooms called Membrexes that are found in the Zodiax, an underground world on planet Tierre that houses the collective wisdom of the Zodiac.


The Royal Palace is a sandstone castle in the clouds that was built by the Zodiac’s original earthling settlers. It’s filled with hidden wings and passages that civilizations of Aquarians have added over the millennia, and no one in the Zodiac knows all its secrets.


Piscenes believe the body’s purpose is to be a vessel for the soul, and as the soul is limitless and infinite, it cannot be contained by physical attributes like one’s sex, skin color, body type, etc—so there are no gender roles.


When they entered their teens, Ophiuchans developed scaly skin that protected them from various creatures’ bites and dangerous natural elements. Of course, the Thirteenth House is just a myth.

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Thanks again to Romina Russell for stopping by! We hope you’re as excited about the Zodiac series as we are. As a bonus, we are giving away one paperback copy of Zodiac! Please enter via the Rafflecopter widget below.

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Zodiac and Wandering Star are now available wherever books are sold. Black Moon hits shelves on December 6, 2016.

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