Book Review: “My True Love Gave to Me” Edited by Stephanie Perkins

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It is never too late to sneak in a little bit of holiday cheer before the year ends. And with that, I finally had the chance to read “My True Love Gave to Me” and it was splendid all around.

“My True Love Gave to Me” is a collection of twelve short stories from some of our favorite young adult authors; edited by the lovely Stephanie Perkins. It provides you with the right amount of holiday feels. It’s daring, classic and fantastically romantic.

Before I bore you with a VERY long book review about these twelve stories, I decided to pick my top three. Each story gives you a sense of the writer’s particular style of storytelling.

Here they are in the order that they appear in the book:

“Midnights” by Rainbow Rowell

There is this weird thing I do when I get all giddy as I read. I kind of giggle like a little school girl does when her crush is talking to her. Well Rainbow Rowell, you accomplished just that. “Midnights” started off the series of holiday short stories quite perfectly. Noel and Mags prove to be quite an adorable couple. After years of built up nerves and a strong friendship, it takes a long awaited New Year’s’ Eve kiss to seal the deal.

“Polaris Is Where You’ll Find Me” by Jenny Han

I finally got to read a Jenny Han story! Yes, I know, I’m a bit late to the party (story of my life). As many of you know, her stories are known for their Korean American leading ladies. Natty, who is the foster daughter of Santa is caught in quite a dilemma. She has a crush on someone, but not on just anyone- an elf! A forbidden love. Despite the differences, Natty is not afraid of getting hurt. The young lover decides to risk it all. A daring move for this strong, young female lead. Though, I wish the relationship between Natty and Flynn developed more, it was still an enjoyable read

“It’s a Yuletide Miracle, Charlie Brown” by Stephanie Perkins

Marigold’s love for entertainment alone already won me over and I guess her taste for guys too (why not!). I heard so many good things about Stephanie Perkins’ stories and this one definitely pulled on the heartstrings. Speaking about heartstrings, I have never wanted a fictional guy to be real until this story. If only we could hear his voice, am I right?! Okay, enough gushing. The relationship between Marigold and North was perfect. There was some heated tension as they teased each other back and forth throughout the story. Especially with Marigold’s background and what happened to her family caused her to have her shield up. But alas! Her Christmas tree hero gave her a kiss to remember. Their relationship did not feel forced and I thoroughly enjoyed the pacing of the story.

Overall, this book adds a unique taste in the young adult literature world. With a group of strong writers who bring in their distinct styles, it was surely a hit. The stories take unconventional twists and turns, leaving you spellbound. Funny, romantic and with a hint of nutmeg, this book has the winning formula that can and will be enjoyed for holidays to come.

Rating: 9/10

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