Blog Tour: Demonic Pact by Majanka Verstraete

“Demonic Pact,” the second book in the “Angel of Death” series by Majanja Verstraete launched recently and there’s never been a better time to jump into this fantastic series.

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Here are five things you didn’t know about “Demonic Pact!”

The author, Majanka Verstraete wrote the outline for “Demonic Pact” before she started writing “The Soul Thief”

Even though it sounds crazy, the author knew exactly what would happen in “Demonic Pact” before she even had any clue as to what would happen in the first book in the series, “The Soul Thief.” When she got the idea for this series, it was “Demonic Pact” that started haunting her, not the first book. Because she realized she needed to write a previous book to explain how all the characters were connected, since “Demonic Pact” resembled a movie that you start watching halfway through, she started working on “The Soul Thief.”

It introduces two new, important characters.

“Demonic Pact” introduces two new key characters, who will play a vital role now and in future books. One of them is a demon, and the other one… Well, you’ll have to read it to find out.

And a bunch of new secondary characters. Like Angels of Justice.

The book also introduces a bunch of new, awesome, secondary characters. Like Angels of Justice, basically, angels who are judges, lawyers, you name it.

Riley is hiding secrets.

Riley is hiding secrets in “Demonic Pact.” From her friends. From her family. From Leander. Our favorite Halfling is travelling down a darker path, and we can only hope it ends well.

Someone else is hiding a big secret too.

Like Riley keeping secrets isn’t bad enough, someone else is hiding a big secret too. We can’t reveal who, or what the secret is, but let’s just say it’s a pretty big one.

demonicSixteen-year-old Halfling Angel of Death Riley Scott is on a dangerous mission. To save her friend’s life, she must make a pact with the man who just tried to kill them both and break him out of the Celestial Prison, guarded by Angels of War — fearsome warriors who can squash her like a fly. If caught, she’ll be sentenced to eternity in that impenetrable prison. Riley will have to make deals with demons and her number one enemy, turn her back on her most loyal friends and risk losing her family forever. Worst of all, her very existence is in the hands of her devious new allies.

Get the book now, or start with book one, The Soul Thief.

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