Best New Marvel Comics


Well, there’s a new Marvel movie in theaters, and it’s critical and commercial success, with some calling Doctor Strange one of the most enjoyable MCU offerings in years. Marvel has certainly been on a roll with its source material as well, with many older series getting the relaunch treatment, as well as many new ones that offer fresh, inclusive heroes for a new era. Here are some of the best new titles Marvel has now.

All-New X-Men


What if you born a certain way, and the world around you decided to hate and fear you for it? What if you rose above that and fought for a better world? Now, what if you were pulled into a future much worse than your present, where the hatred was just as strong, if not stronger? And what if the world was that way…in part because of your future self, the person you turned out to be? Well, those are all questions the younger versions of the original X-Men must wrestle with after they are transported from the past to the present and discover that things aren’t so great. But how do you change things when the future becomes your present and your destiny has already been seemingly shaped? The young X-Men decide to find out, and we get to see some iconic heroes in a new way, along with some fresh faces, with plenty of humor and more than a few pleas for people to give in to their better natures rather than fear.

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Andrea Thompson is a contributor for The Young Folks.