Author Interview: K.N. Lee, Author of ‘Rise of the Flame’

Today we have a very special guest! K.N. Lee is here to talk about her novel, Rise of the Flame!

About the book: Six races. Four realms. One human girl who can bring them together in peace… or war.
Lilae has been hunted since the night of her birth, for she is heir to a god’s throne. But everything that her surrogate family has done to protect her may have been for nothing. After Lilae is stripped of her powers and enslaved by the emperor of the Mithrani, she finds herself desperate to survive in a strange new world.

On the other side of the world, Liam leads his army across the realm to protect the Tryans and the fairies from those who would do them harm. But when their odds of survival become next to impossible, he must set out on a journey to find a dragon, a child, and the blessing of a fallen god to aid him in the inevitable realm war.

The path forward for both Liam and Lilae seems clear, until their dreamscapes collide. But while they draw strength from their connection, Lilae may be falling for the emperor who should be her greatest enemy.

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Now, let’s get down to business!

rise of the flame

What made you want to write young adult?
My teenage years were some of my favorites for reading. The amount of wonder in a good fantasy book is what I wanted to capture with Rise of the Flame. The main character, Lilae is a teenager. She has her insecurities and self esteem issues, but when it comes to defending herself or her family, she really shines. She goes from a shy girl to a powerful heroine when someone is in need. Those kind of characters are what I love, and I was happy to instill those characteristics in Lilae.
 Which part of the book was your favorite to write? Which was the most challenging?
My favorite part of writing Rise of the Flame was the action. There are some amazing action scenes and scenes set in enchanting new lands that I created. The most challenging parts are a bit of a spoiler…but they are the ones when Lilae loses someone she loves.
If there was an interview question you wish someone would ask you, what would it be and what’s the answer?
Well, Rise of the Flame was the first book I ever wrote. I started it when I was eleven years old and it has grown with me throughout the years. I’d like the world to know how special and important Lilae was for me as I grew up. I dreamed her up, and used writing her story as a coping mechanism for those days when bullying and other hard times were the most painful. Writing this story literally helped me get through my childhood and teenage years.
What advice do you have for anyone in high school or university who wants to become an author?
I’d say that you should follow your dream. Never give up. Write your story and make it a goal to have it published.
If you couldn’t be an author, what would your dream job be?
I would love to have my own travel show. Traveling is my other passion. I’ve seen most of the world and it has inspired me in so many ways. I love meeting new people and exploring new cultures. Other than that, I’d be a great pediatrician.
When can we expect book two?
I hope to have the sequel, Night of the Storm: The Eura Chronicles Book Two ready for a winter release!

kenyaAbout K.N. Lee

K.N. Lee is an award-winning author that resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. When she is not writing twisted sales, fantasy novels, and dark poetry, she does a great deal of traveling and promotes other authors. Wannabe rock-star, foreign language enthusiast, and anime geek, K.N. Lee also enjoys helping others reach their writing and publishing goals.

Her works include, The Chronicles of Koa: Netherworld, Dark Prophet, A Gifted Curse, Wicked Webs, Empty Your Heart, Pixie Dust, and the paranormal collection of short stories, Thicker Than Blood. Her short fantasy story, The Last of the Jinn, is in the anthology, A World of Worlds and The Ticking Ring is in A World of Joy by ASMSG authors.

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