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Even though it sounds a little desperate for us to dedicate a whole page just to see if anyone can become our sponsor, here’s the deal: We really need one! And I, Lucy, will mention the reasons why you (future sponsor) should do it and why this is a win-win situation.

TheYoungFolks’ team a.k.a Lucy and Gaby, we’re looking for a sponsor that can provide us with the necessary connections so we can attend events that young folks that come to the site would like to read!

For example: What if TheYoungFolks’ team could attend a red carpet for a big movie franchise that young folks seem to like? Let’s say, The Hunger Games! The Young Folks would benefit from having exclusive interviews and footage of what the teenagers nowadays are talking about. And you (future sponsor) would benefit too! Perhaps, if you want to advertise on the site?

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We are ready to talk business whenever you’re ready!

Other things like covering film and music festivals and giving our opinion on those to all the young folks who are planning to attend them in the future. Events such as SXSW, Sundance Film Festival, San Diego Comic-Con, Coachella, Ultra Music Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, to mention a few.

We are fans of various fandoms as well, and we know that fans appreciate exclusive footage and details about their favorite artists. In the future, we hope that is an established entertainment news and reviews website, as well as young people’s go-to place to check out updates in any new books, movies, music or concerts.

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Thank you!


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