Gary Shannon
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Gary is a twenty-two year old Canadian who partakes in all sorts of sedentary past times (reading, video games, etc.), his favourite of these is watching movies. His love for the cinema runs deep and he is constantly trying to find new ways to engage and approach films (because films are constantly trying to find new ways to engage and approach people). He does this mainly through film criticism, which he sees as both a hobby and a crucial link between movies and those who want to understand them a little more.

Movie Review: I, Daniel Blake

Ken Loach’s I, Daniel Blake is so unyieldingly empathetic that even its bleakest moments carry an air of triumph. In trying to create his paean to the working man Loach has stripped him of his three-d…

Movie Review: Rogue One

Gareth Edwards’ Rogue One is all business, a one-offer relying solely on the function of fulfilling a paragraph in the original Star Wars (1977) title crawl which had only been thought of at the time …

Movie Review: Elle

To read previous VIFF coverage, click here. Paul Verhoeven’s ventures into irreverence and topical discussion have always been assigned to lavish psychosexual entertainment, mostly overlooked however …

Movie Review: Miss Hokusai

Miss Hokusai doesn’t explore the artist’s plight so much as it explores the plight that effects every living person. Ōi Hokusai, a great painter, lives in the shadow of her father’s accomplishme…

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